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swabtek logoSwabTek’s novel test kits set a new standard for narcotics and explosives presumptive field-testing, with technology that is simple, safe and effective. SwabTek’s dry, paper-based tests provide a safe and simple solution to put field test kits back in the hands of frontline security professionals who have turned away from incumbent products due to concerns over safety and reliability.


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Cynergy is committed to advancing Drug SAFE Workplace initiates, and through our partnership with Soovu employers and workers now have access to pain management through the use of a comprehensive drug-free wearable system. Soovu provides soothing heat and rapid pain relief anytime and anywhere as a safe alternative for individuals who may be working in safety sensitive roles or have safety or other health concerns with using other therapeutic options. Learn more about Soovu and how to get yours here.

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nmk logoResources for families, schools and Corporate Wellness programs to better support education and outreach to youth and parents on topics including drug abuse, mental health, cyber bullying and more.

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