Non-Negative MRO Reviewed Drug Test Records

1. If a donor takes a prescribed medication, will there be anything noted on the MRO Letter about the medication?

a. No. If the donor has a verified legal medication, a negative result is reported without any additional notes.

3. What is reported on the MRO Letter if there is a positive THC result?

a. The MRO will ask the donor if they have been prescribed Dronabinol. If the donor has a verified legal prescription, then the MRO will set the disposition of the results to canceled and add comments that state, "Test is inconclusive at this time. Donor has provided information that in some cases might explain the result. Additional testing is necessary to distinguish between donor’s explanation and an illicit source. Please call 844-730-7996 to discuss the additional testing and associated lab fee." If the employer approves to have the additional testing completed, Cynergy will coordinate sending the specimen for additional testing to confirm that the medication is the only source for the positive THC result. If the test confirms that the source of the positive THC result is from Dronabinol, the THC result will be released as negative. If the testing shows that there is an illicit source, the THC result is reported as positive. Cost for the confirmation testing will be collected at the time of approval from the employer.

b. The MRO will ask the donor if they have a medical marijuana card during the interview process. If the donor does have a medical marijuana card, then the MRO will ask the donor if they would like Cynergy to disclose to the employer that the donor claims a medical marijuana card. If the donor agrees, then Cynergy will add in the comment section, “Donor claims medical marijuana card”. If the donor does not want to disclose the information on the MRO letter, then no additional notes will be added to the MRO Letter. The THC result is reported as positive even if the donor claims that they have a medical marijuana card or not since THC is federally illegal.

4. What scenarios would cause results to be released as “Unable to contact donor”?

a. A non-working donor phone number or no phone number for the donor has been provided. An MRO Assistant will reach out to the employer or TPA to confirm the phone number. If a phone number is not provided within 48 hours, the result will be reported “Unable to contact donor.”

b. The MRO has called the donor 3 times within 48 hours and left a message (when available) but the donor did not answer or call back.

5. How will you know if the MRO was unable to contact the donor?

a. In the comment section of the MRO Letter, it will be noted stating “Unable to contact donor.” If it has not been noted as such, then Cynergy was able to reach the donor.

6. Additional printed comments that can appear on an MRO letter

a. Dilute specimen. A dilute specimen could indicate that the donor is overhydrated at the time of the collection. If a drug test result is negative dilute it is a negative test. If a drug test result is positive dilute it is a positive test.

b. Canceled test. The MRO will add printed comments to a canceled test to indicate the reason for cancelation. The MRO will also note if there is any further action required, such as recommending a recollection or an observed recollection.