Sapphiros, a leading consumer diagnostics company, has launched its new direct-to-consumer wellness brand, NowFuture™. The initial product offering includes a set of genomic tests that provide personalized insights into nutrition, fitness, and sleep, enabling consumers to proactively manage a healthy lifestyle. The future diagnostic portfolio will go beyond genetics to include at home blood collection, women’s health, and other infectious disease tests. Cynergy Wellness, Inc., a privately-owned provider of nationwide physician services for health, wellness, and workplace safety screening has partnered with NowFuture™, to provide national physician oversight and telehealth consultation service.

Cynergy Wellness Inc. services include physician authorization for customer-initiated orders, test reviews to ensure tests are clinically appropriate for a customer, and results assessment to identify test abnormalities or critical values and when necessary, provide clinical guidance in telehealth consultation with the patient. 

Cynergy Wellness Inc. has over thirty years of Medical Review Oᰀcer expertise, helping to ensure the integrity of the testing process by verifying legitimate medical explanations, ensuring test accuracy and adherence to established policies that protect safety for patients, and facilitating a timely ᬀow of test results to patients while protecting the conḀdentiality of their testing information.

About NowFuture™
NowFuture™ is an innovative consumer diagnostic brand with a privacy-Ḁrst mission dedicated to empowering individuals with tools to navigate their personal health and wellness. NowFuture’s genomic testing for nutrition, Ḁtness, and sleep are the Ḁrst oἀerings laying the foundation for an expansive diagnostic portfolio of health and wellness solutions.

About Sapphiros
Sapphiros, LLC, backed by KKR and Neoenta, is a privately held consumer diagnostics company. Sapphiros’s portfolio of capabilities and technologies includes novel sample collection, next generation diagnostics, computational biology, and printed electronics, which help consumers access important diagnostic results globally.

About Cynergy Wellness, Inc.
Cynergy is a privately held provider of physician services and technology solutions that support national workplace safety programs, occupational health screening, and employee/consumer health. Our certiḀed MRO physicians, nurses, and team of industry experts focus on the needs of employers, schools, government entities and employee/consumers who seek frictionless access to health, wellness, and safety screening innovations.